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At least every two (2) months our artwork changes!  Most often we are blessed to display artworks from the York Art Association.  A wonderful local conglomeration of artists that collectively display their art.  We also display the works of our clients, local high school kids and other artists that reach out to us.  What make us most happy is when we sell this art.  Most all works are available for sale and all proceeds go directly to the artist.  They need to eat too!

Following are examples of previous shows,  Rich has just grown too lazy (life) to enumerate in detail the full slate of our present presenters.  Luckily you can just peek in the window and see for yourself.

A BIG “Thank You” to all the local artists that allow us to display their original artwork on our walls.  Please support these local artists by visiting and viewing their art during our regular business hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or during First Friday (or other special) events.  If you purchase any artwork that hangs on our walls every penny goes to the artist.

November/ December 2015.  We featured art by the various members of York Art Association in the entry room.  In the center room is work by Shawn Young.  The back room was a variety of art by the students of Molly Adler of New Freedom Arts.

Conference Room – Marion E. Lower-Hengst – August 26, 2015

  • Patiently Waiting
  • Shooting for the Moon
  • Buddy
  • Old Granddad
  • Grace
  • Serenity
  • Rest
  • Quiet Escape
  • Purple Passion
  • Standing Watch

Entry/Reception Room – July 21, 2015

  • Phyllis Stump          Watercolor          “A Welsh Tribute”
  • Ginny Fitz               Mixed Media        “No One Can Measure His Greatness”
  • Carol Little               Oil                       “Skies Over Susquehanna”
  • Beth Fowler            Sansevieria         “Pastel”
  • Joanne Bast   Sewing Thread/Cotton Fabric   “Black Eyed Susan”
  • Joanne Bast   Sewing Thread/Cotton Fabric   “Trio of Glads”
  • Linn Van Wicklen   Photography         “Raining on the Roses”
  • Jason Langheine   Photography         “Forest Deck”
  • Jason Langheine   Photography         “Cookes Bottles”
  • Jason Langheine   Photography         “Roller Mills”
  • Cherie Taormina – Stained Glass Artist – various pieces throughout the office

Tara’s Office – Shawn Young

  • A Hand in Creation
  • Forest Encounter
  • Wind Surfer
  • Return of the Waxwing
  • Red Tail Rising

May – August 2015

Conference Room – Cheryl Handy

  • Wing and a Prayer – Acrylic on Canvas; Visionary – Mixed Medical on Canvas; Who Gives a Hoot? – Acrylic on Wood Panel; Emergence – Acrylic on Canvas; In the Fight – Acrylic on Canvas; Distracted – Mixed Media on Paper; Last Dance – Oil on Canvas; K B Lane – Mixed Media on Canvas; Silver Linings – Acrylic on Canvas; Night Watchman – Acrylic on Canvas Panel; Moon Struck – Acrylic on Canvas Panel; Ducks in a Row – Oil on Canvas; Blue Black – Acrylic on Canvas; Yet I Rise – Acrylic on Canvas; My Blue Heaven – Acrylic on Canvas; Fiesta – Acrylic on Canvas; Fire & Ice – Oil on Canvas; Shimmer – Acrylic on Wood Panel; Lil Dancer – Mixed Media on Canvas Panel; Ripples – Acrylic on Canvas Panel; The Model – Oil on Canvas; One Curved Line – Acrylic on Canvas; Stream of Consciousness – Acrylic on Canvas; Red Marsh – Mixed Media on Canvas; Concrete Jungle – Photograph on Paper

Entry/Reception Room – April 24th, 2015

  • Michael Brothers
    • Watercolor:  Number 9; Despair; A Cruel War is Raging; Miles; Her Eyes
    • Acrylic/Ink:  Cliff Dwellings; Early Dawn; Monet’s Pond; Woodland Stream; Running Hot; Cliff Study; Shades of Brown; Quiet Woods Gold; Autumn Fields; Cliff Study 2; Cliff Dwellings 3; Cliff Study 5; Quiet Woods 3; Peaceful View; Brown Circles; Wheat Fields
    • Oil/Wax:  Downfall of Paris; Hot Divide; Woods in Green; Blue Danube; Grey Day
    • Oil/Wax/Collage:  Vintage Cloak in Blue; Vintage Dress in Pink
    • Mixed Media:  In New York Society; Bamboo and Strings
  • Cherie Taormina – Stained Glass Artist – various pieces throughout the office

Conference Room – March 12th, 2015

  • Tony Jacquez      8 Acrylic on Canvas Pieces in The SERIES

Artists for January 16th, 2015 – April 17th, 2015

 Entry/Reception Room:

  • Phyllis Stump            Watercolor               “Dawn Glory”
  • JoAnn Bast                Thread on Cotton    “French Window”, “Street Scene Portugal”
  • Alison Lusk                “3 Blues of the Bay”, “Autumn with Shellbarks”
  • Beth Fowler               Pastel                      “Chickadee”
  • Judy Orcutt               “Pansies”, “Rainbow Collage”
  • Bill Andrew                “Pond Life”, “Horseshoe Crab”
  • Ginny Fitz                 Mixed Media             “New Wheels”
  • Zelda Jones              Watercolor               “Too Close for Comfort”
  • Sonia Rohrbaugh      Watercolor               “Sand and Shells”
  • Linn Van Wicklen      Photo                       “Rusty Wagon Wheel”,                    “Cardinal”
  • Katie Dinkel              Watercolor                “Irish Cotton”
  • Brian L. Wolf             Photo                        “Time Out”, “Designated Parking”,             “Shell Shocked”, “Forever in Tennessee”, “Faded Shades”, “Simply Composed”

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