Community Events / First Fridays

On the First Friday of every month 60-80 York City businesses (and restaurants) stay open until at least 9 p.m. so you can enjoy a night out and about in downtown York knowing there will be plenty of things to do and venues to visit.  In our office First Friday is always an opportunity to see the latest local artwork displayed on our walls and often an opportunity to take in some local entertainment or activity related to this cool city.

Download and print a brochure by visiting a week prior to the FIRST FRIDAY you plan to enjoy.  Each door you walk through will offer a unique experience and feature art, music, products and services that are second to none, brought to you by local families.  Parking is free at metered spots and in the Central Market Garage after 5 p.m.

Below are some of our prior activities for First Fridays.  We tend to do the Summer and Fall events.  Our Facebook page best reflects these activities.  If you are thinking of stopping by call and ask if we will be open!